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Our EcoHomes are individually designed to meet your needs and are built to be energy efficient with materials that are environmentaly friendly.

If you are interested in an EcoHome then contact us for further information and to discuss your requirements.

Eco Homes

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Eco Homes

Eco Homes

EcoHomes assesses the environmental quality of a development. They consider the broad environmental concerns of climate change, use of resources and impacts on wildlife and balances these against the requirements for a high quality living environment. These concerns are divided into seven environmental categories, under which the issues are grouped.

  • Energy: operational energy and CO²
  • Transport: location issues related to transport
  • Pollution: air and water pollution (excluding CO²)
  • Materials: environmental implications of materials selection, recyclable materials
  • Water: consumption issues
  • Ecology and land use: ecological value of the site, Greenfield and
    brownfield issues
  • Health and well-being: Internal and external issues relating to health
    and comfort

Ecohomes is designed to reward positive steps taken to improve the environmental performance of homes, steps which go beyond the statutory requirements. Through assessing a number of environmental issues an overall rating for the development is achieved. This takes the form of:

*Pass:- Most developments should be able to achieve this with minor design / specification changes at minimal additional cost

**Good:- The developer has been able to demonstrate good practice in
most areas

***Very Good:- Developments which push forward the boundaries of
environmental performance will achieve this

****Excellent:- Developments which demonstrate exemplary environmental
performance across the full range of issues.

Kingennie Fishings - Excellent Rating

Our Kingennie Development has achieved this “Excellent” rating.



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